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Will Pandora Charms Fade and Turn Black?


The Danish jewelry brand PANDORA is one of the three largest jewelry brands in the world. The free collocation of its star product “Moments” bracelets and charms has brought women a way to remember important moments, making PANDORA jewelry popular among female consumers all over the world.

PANDORA jewelry was founded in 1982 by Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then, PANDORA has embarked on a rapid development process, from a local Danish jewelry store to one of the world's well-known brands, inspiring women all over the world to show their personalities and stories.

The feature of Pandora bracelets is that customers can choose the charms according to their preferences, and then string them through the bracelets to match different colors and change different moods.

The most distinctive feature of Pandora is the "Charm", each charm represents a different meaning and can be stacked at will. Up to 17 Charms can be stringed on a bracelet, that is to say, it can represent 17 unusual memorial moments in the life of the owner of the bracelet. Those who believe in stories and drama should be easily attracted by the slogan.

The biggest feature of Pandora is that you can "design" it yourself. A bracelet can be matched and interchanged with hundreds of gold and silver charms. Basically, anyone can match a unique bracelet by themselves.

In addition, all Pandora glazes are handmade. This technique has very high requirements for precision and skills.

Friends who like Pandora bracelets must have been troubled by this question. Will Pandora charms fade and turn black? What should I do if Pandora's beads turn black?

Today we will talk about this, and also talk about some knowledge about how to maintain and clean Pandora charms.

pandora charms

1.Will Pandora's jewelry turn black or yellow?

The answer is yes. Everyone knows that most Pandora jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver, which means that it will be oxidized, then turn black or yellow.

Silver ions and sulfide ions are prone to chemical reactions, and silver sulfide is produced on the surface of silver. Because silver sulfide is gray-black, with the increase of silver sulfide, the color of the silver surface will change from white to yellow, to gray and finally to black. This kind of chemical change can occur in very small amounts. As long as silver encounters several trillions to several tens of trillions of hydrogen sulfide or sulfide ions in the air, this chemical reaction will occur.

Human sweat also contains sulfur. When it comes into contact with silver products, it will discolor the silver, especially the hydrogen sulfide produced by the discharge of sewage and garbage in the city air. Therefore, it is not surprising that the silver is discolored.

So when your beloved Pandora bracelets or charms become black due to oxidation, please don't worry too much, it is not a quality problem. On the contrary, if your Pandora charms won’t turn yellow, then you need to wonder if it is made of 925 sterling silver.

pandora tarnish

2.Is Pandora jewelry easy to fade and turn black?

Although silver fading and blackening is normal, but if Pandora charms are carefully maintained, the process of fading and blackening is very slow. The speed of fading and blackening depends on the following two factors:

1.In daily wear, try to avoid exposing Pandora jewelry to chemicals, such as shampoo, laundry detergent, and detergent.
At the same time, avoid friction with other hard objects. If Pandora jewelry is plated with gold, rose gold or platinum, friction will cause the plating to fall off more quickly. For more jewelry maintenance knowledge, please see my other article-jewelry maintenance knowledge
. 2. Due to personal physique, the silver jewelry worn is easy to turn black. For some people, if the sweat is acidic and the body fluid has a high sulfur content, it is easy to darken the silver jewelry they wear(check here). Although we cannot change this aspect, we still need to understand the reasons.

Therefore, what we can do is to pay attention to maintenance in daily wear, so that it can maintain long-term luster. In fact, a slight yellowing can increase the charm of silver jewelry.

3.How to clean Pandora beads when they turn yellow?

If there is a Pandora store nearby, my first suggestion is to directly let the Pandora's staff to help. If it is not convenient to go to a Pandora store, you can try the following methods:

1.Wipe with a silver wiping cloth. The silver wiping cloth generally contains some chemicals to remove silver sulfide. The slight yellowing can be removed by this method, but it cannot work on the blackened silver jewelry.

2.Seal and soak in cola for 12 hours. The cola contains carbonic acid, which can remove sulfur oxide. This method can also remove slight yellowing, but because the carbonic acid content in cola is not high, it still has little effect on blackened silver jewelry.

3.Squeeze some toothpaste on the surface of Pandora's charms and bracelet, and wipe it with a soft cloth. This method uses the friction particles in the toothpaste to rub off the silver sulfide on the surface.

Although there are some chemicals on the market that can remove the oxides on the surface of silver jewelry, I still do not recommend using them personally, because if you do not master the time when using them, it will corrode the silver jewelry itself and cause the surface to be rough, which will be worn later. It is easier to turn yellow and black at the time.

All in all, it is normal for Pandora charms and bracelets to fade and turn black, but if you pay attention to maintenance during daily wear, the process is slow. In addition, we also provide some methods for cleaning silver jewelry.

If you like Pandora charms, and you are finding some in high quality, please check here.

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