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Pandora Mother's Day Guide


Mother's Day is a very important holiday, not only for mothers, but also for daughters and sons.

On this important holiday, presenting a special and meaningful gift to mother is the best way to express love, and Pandora Mother's Day charms will be the perfect choice.

Pandora Mother's Day

Does Pandora released new charms for Mother's Day?

Yes, since 2015, Pandora released new Mother’s Day collection on February every year. Most of then were engraved with “Mom”, “Mother” or “Mummy”, or designed in shape of heart or infinity.

At the same time, Mother's Day is also an important creative element of Pandora. In Pandora's Festive collections, Mother's Day is second only to Christmas in importance.

How many Pandora charms will be released by Mother's day?

According to the Mother's Day charms released by Pandora over the years, 9 or 10 charms will be released by Mother's Day every year, and even Mother's Day bracelets were launched in some years. Below are Pandora Mother’s Day collections of 2019, 2020,2021 for for reference.

Pandora Mother's Day collection 2019 Pandora Mother's Day collection 2020

Pandora Mother's Day collection 2021

Is Pandora will have a sale during Mother's Day?

Yes, of course. At present, Mother's Day is not only a holiday for mothers, but also a good time for merchants to give back to their customers. Many merchants make Mother’s Day sales, and Pandora is no exception.

Pandora Mother's Day sale is different every year, and Pandora's promotions are different in different countries too. In some countries, Pandora will make discount on Mother's Day, and some will have gift charms or bracelets to customers who meet the conditions.

Pandora lovers can pay attention to the local Pandora official website Pandora official website one month in advance, they will released details of Mother’s Day sale by the official website.

Tips for buying retired Pandora Mother’s Day charms

As you know, a new Pandora jewelry will be discontinued in 2 years, it's not only for Pandora Mother’s Day charms, but for all Pandora jewelry. So it comes a problem, some of the Pandora jewelry were really beautiful and in good design, it’s such a pity to lost it forever. Is there any way to buy those retired Pandora charms again?

Unfortunately, Pandora won’t released a retired charm again, so if it’s been discontinued, that means you can’t buy it from official Pandora store or official site any more. However, you can wait for Pandora to released a similar one. Pandora will released charms similar to their retired charms, for example, the Rainbow Bruno The Unicorn Charm(#799353C01) which is released on Jan 2021, it's the same shape as #767909, just a different color.

Pandora 799353C01

If you don’t want to wait, the second option for buying retired Pandora charms is to buy a used one. These items often appear on eBay or re-sell websites, you can search your favorite charms there, mostly you will find someone selling it. You need to pay attention to how new they are, and at the same time, beware of fakes. Look for an ALE stamp to make sure it's a real Pandora.

At last, if you didn’t care too much about the difference, you can try to buy a replica one. It’s impossible to make a replica charm 100% the same as the original one, but for a retired charm, it's still a great way to make up for it. Even if we need to buy replica charms, we should buy premium ones, so you need to pay special attention to the price before buying replica charms, and if the price is much lower than sterling silver, you should give up. A charm made of cheap metal will not be well made, it would be much different with the original one. You can visit my other article for more information about it.

In one word, Pandora will have Mother's Day sale and will released Mother's Day charms too, you should pay attention to the message of Pandora's official site from now. Have a happy Mother's Day.

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