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6 Tips to Identify the Quality of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry


Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry such as Pandora charms and TOUS bracelet are mainly sold in shopping malls and supermarkets. The pictures of online retail seem to be very good, but people tend to believe in formal and professional stores for goods such as jewelry.

Silver jewelry has neither the wealth of jade nor the brilliance of gems, but its simplicity makes us feel its affinity. The quality of silver jewelry must be clear at a glance when purchasing.

Silver Jewelry

When consumers buying silver jewelry, in addition to mastering some basic knowledge of inspection and appraisal, they should also pay attention to whether silver jewelry has relevant certificates. Only silver jewelry that has been tested by a testing agency can make consumers buy with confidence.

When purchasing, please pay some attention to whether its fasteners can be fastened and firmly. When buying a silver necklace, lay it flat to see if the link is kinked or bent. The price of silver jewelry is determined based on the content of precious metals, structural design and craftsmanship. There are welding processes in the production of gold and silver jewelry.

Therefore, it is necessary to see whether the welding is clean and whether there are cracks in the welding. Then, look at its brightness, it is required that its plating color is pure, the brightness is strong, and the plating surface must be firm and round. For jewellery, it is required that it does not pierce hands, does not scrape clothes, and is easy to wear.

How to identify the authenticity of Sterling Silver Jewelry?

925 Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry can be divided into high silver and low silver. High silver means that the composition of silver is large and the texture is softer. Low silver means that there are more copper elements and the hardness is higher than pure silver.

Although silver jewelry is not expensive, it can be divided into true and false. Some producers mix cadmium, iron, copper and other cheaper metals in silver jewelry to cut their cost. Cadmium is harmful to the human body and is not allowed to be mixed in jewelry. The copper wire is mainly mixed into the silver lock to make the middle support frame which should have been made of silver. But the hesitant copper wire is hidden in the silver lock, so consumers can't see it at all. Only by destroying it during inspection can they see what is really inside. Ordinary consumers can only find out after a long period of time, the copper rust inside seeps out.

Although this phenomenon is not universal, consumers should still master some methods to identify silver jewelry. Consumers can check the physical properties of silver when buying, usually using the following 6 ways:

1. Look at the color

The higher the purity of silver jewelry, the whiter the silver, and the surface of the jewelry looks evenly shiny and polished. If it contains lead, the jewelry will appear blue-gray; if it contains copper, the surface of the jewelry will appear rough and the color will not be moist.

Silver jewelry is generally slightly yellowish with a soft metallic luster. Since silver is easy to be oxidized, the color will become dark yellow-white over time. In short, silver jewelry that looks white and shiny is high-quality silver jewelry, those that look yellowish in color and rough in workmanship are low-color silver jewelry, and some with poor color or matt are mostly fake silver jewelry.

2. Feel the weight

The density of silver is slightly higher than that of common metals, but lower than that of platinum and gold, it’s at 10.53g/cm3. It does not have the weight of being dropped by hand. Generally speaking, "aluminum is light, silver is heavy, and copper is neither light nor heavy". Therefore, feeling the weight can make a preliminary judgment on whether it is silver. If the jewelry is large in size and light in weight, it can be preliminarily determined that the jewelry is made of other metals.

3. Check the hardness

The hardness of silver is lower than copper and larger than lead and tin. It can be tested with a pin on the inconspicuous part of the jewelry such as the hold of Pandora charms. If the needle is slippery and it is difficult to leave marks on the surface, it can be judged as copper jewelry. If it is made of lead or tin, the traces are obvious and prominent. If the physical object has traces that are not too obvious, it can be preliminarily judged as silver jewelry.

Steel needles can mark silverware or bend it, but when bending silver jewelry by hand, it is easy to bend and hard to break. If it is stiff or barely able to be bend, some can not even be bend with your fingers, that means the quality is low. Silver-plated jewelry is easy to be broken after bending or a few taps with a hammer, and the non-breakable ones are fakes. In this way, platinum and silver-like jewelry can be easily distinguished.

4. Listen to phonology

Throw the silver jewellery from top to bottom on the table. It is genuine or high-quality silver jewellery that does not bounce very high and has the sound of "porch". Jewelry that is thrown on the ground with sound but without elasticity, jumps high when thrown on the table, and the sound is shrill, it is fake or low-quality silver jewelry.

The lower the color, the sharper and higher the sound with rhyme. If it is made of copper, the sound is higher and sharper, and the rhyme is quick and short. If it is made of lead or tin, the sound of throwing is dull, short and without elasticity.

5. Test the acidity

Silver will change color or even dissolve when it encounters any acid. If a drop of concentrated hydrochloric acid is dropped on the inside of silver jewelry, a white moss-like silver chloride precipitate will be formed immediately, but other precious metals do not have this phenomenon. Use a glass rod to drop nitric acid on the mouth of the silver jewelry file. The color of brown rice, steady green or emblem green is high, dark green or even black, and the color of no foam or foam on the file is low.

Grind the silver jewelry product on the touchstone to make the silver channel, and use silver medicine (silver medicine is a soft object made by mixing more than 95% silver surface and mercury) on the silver channel. If there are many silver medicines, the quality should be high. If the silver medicine is few, the quality should be low, and the fake ones don't have silver drugs.

6. Find the imprint

The silver content of silver jewelry must be accurately marked, and consumers should check to see if there is "S925" on the jewelry when buying. "S' is the first letter of silver, and "925" is the logo of sterling silver. As long as there is "S925", you can ensure that you are buying genuine sterling silver jewelry. The imprint of pure silver is S990. 990 silver, 925 silver and 800 silver can be used to make silver jewelry.

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